Monday, May 26, 2008

Edition #3 of The Assistive Technology Blog Carnival

Welcome to Edition #3 of The Assistive Technology Blog Carnival: Synthesized Speech
We have a smaller list of contributors this month. I don't know if it was due to our not using the blog carnival service site for submissions because of the Captcha issue or the deadline being over Memorial Day or that the topic was too limiting, but are our May submissions. They are great posts and I am thankful for the authors and their efforts. Maybe next month we will go back to allowing folks to send in what they want that is on any general AT topic. It seems that the submissions usually group into their own related topics and I just organize them that way.

Lon Thornburg:

My post from my "No Limits to Learning Blog"is about using the floating toolbar by Natural Reader and the synthesized speech to build free AAC on your computer:

Larry Ferlazzo:

Larry has a second submission on great tool "yakitome":

Ron Graham:

Ron is sharing some great writing on his experiences using synthesized speech for computer navigation with JAWS:

Dustin Oakley from The Crass Pip is sharing on Mac OSX:

MAC OSX Speech Synthesis

I hope you enjoy the May submissions! I will keep you posted on the June edition. We will do a "Grab Bag" approach and allow any submissions on AT that you would like to submit. It is fun to see things come in and gravitate towards natural topics within the carnival. I also am welcoming those of you that have been posting to think about hosting this at your site and coming up with a topic you want posts on so we can start "travelling" so think about that.

All the best to you!