Monday, January 26, 2009

Call for Submissions, February AT Blog Carnival: "Perfect Pairings"

The AT Blog Carnival theme for February is "Perfect Pairings", highlighting combinations of assistive technology that work together. Do you have a software switch combo? How about a device and switch you have used together, a website that provides resources or software you have used with a piece of equipment or strategies for using various keyboards or scanners with text to speech?
We have lots of AT we pair with things and find useful but don't think about sharing. What we take for granted and use all the time might be the solution that someone else has been looking for and hasn't found.
There are all kinds of Readers for ebooks and files, all kinds of sites to find e-texts, free music and clip art sites that can be integrated with AAC buttons, communication softwares, etc. Share what you use or experiment with a new combo and see what you come up with. We want to hear from you!

Deadline: Friday, February 20.
We will post the carnival on Monday, February 23.
Write up your post and send in the link via email:

All the best to you!