Sunday, July 27, 2008

Assistive Technology Blog Carnival: Edition 5

Assistive Technology Blog Carnival for July '08 brings a review on the iphone and it's touch screen, a picture address book, a fascinating new technology for the blind and an amazing searchable data-base program for you to enter any info you want at a very affordable price for anyone.

Our July Edition finds many of us out and about enjoying the summer weather unless you are "down under", which I know some of our readers are (and one of our authors). I have been enjoying camping, visiting relatives, having relatives visit and getting some work projects done. If many of the folks that usually submit are anything like me, getting something ready to submit, or even remembering to submit is the farthest thing from the mind. I actually must admit that it was about 11:00 PM Sunday night when I remembered, "Oops, I forgot. I need to get the AT Blog Carnival up for tomorrow morning!" I probably should have just taken the summer off on this project and picked it up again after school starts. I get comments that people appreciate this project, so I just need to figure out how to get submitters. Anyone with ideas can let me know...If you are a reader who has submitted in the past, please submit again. We all love hearing from you! Here are the submissions for July:

I want to thank Ron Graham and Ricky Buchanan for their submissions this month. We will be the "Three A.T. Musketeers" for Edition 5 I guess!

1. Ron Graham of Access Ability has submitted a post on a new technology that is bringing real hope to the blind.

2. Ricky Buchanan of ATMac has a whole new look to her blog and it looks terrific. Check her work in two posts she submitted, one on the iphone:

and one on Espy, the picture address book for Mac:

3. Lon Thornburg from No Limits to Learning: I would like to share this post on a program Notescribe. They are coming out with a premium version in August that is a must-have for me. They are working on getting it to compliment a text to speech tool as well which will make it incredibly resourceful for people. I interviewed the CEO/developer on my No Limits 2 Learning Live radio talk show this month as well. (The live stream dropped out for half a minute or so right in the middle but we come back so keep listening!) I hope you enjoy and explore these tools.

Blog Post:


All the best to you!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Assistive Technology Blog Carnival Edition 5: Call for Submissions

The July Assistive Technology Blog Carnival, Edition 5, is now taking submissions.
Our July Edition will again be open for any topic you would like to choose to submit. Having a "grab bag" approach leaves it open for folks to share something that is unique and interesting to them. We had some great submissions for the June go-round and I am looking forward to what shows up for July. Please spread the word and this link to those that you know of who might be interested in submitting.

The due date: Friday, July 25.

The posting date: Monday, July 28.

All the best to you!