Monday, November 24, 2008

Holiday Gift Edition of AT Blog Carnival

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the AT Blog Carnival: "My Favorite Things"
This month blog authors are sharing their favorite AT tools and holiday gift giving ideas for assistive technology.
I am proud to present to you some wonderful posts by some wonderful bloggers in the AT world. I would encourage you to not only look through the great ideas they have presented for holiday gift ideas, but to mark their blogs on your favorites or subscribe to their feeds. You will get great ideas from them all year long.
I have put a little comment on each submission so you get a little taste of what they are about. We have all kinds of cool gadgets and ideas for you so if you are still looking for that special gift, maybe this will give you some ideas. When it comes to foks with special needs - it is nice to be able to give them something that they can use and that will really be a blessing and a support for them through coming year .
Sometimes we forget about what toys are appropriate for orthopedically impaired children. I have worked with many small preschool children who couldn't hold a doll or a car. My post at the bottom shares some fun switch access toys for them.
So read on and enjoy the creative ideas below, and...
Happy Holdays!

Brian Friedlander Ph.D. of Assitivetek contributes the Livescribe Pulse Pen. Here is a link on how to use it from his blog:

Ira Socol of SpeEd Change contributes some gift ideas in price ranges:

Patrick Black of Teaching All Students:

Patrick shares his wish list in his post: "All I Want For Christmas"

Alicia Odom of SMD Teacher:

Alicia has a great wish list with some fun items - I want them for my equipment center! The Swifty is especially cool...

Ricky Buchanan of ATMac:

Ricky sends us her post, "All I Want for Christmas is Power!" to share some great tools and benefits to the Mac.

Kate Ahern of Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs:
Kate submits her list of favorite tools that are some of the mainstays of AT. Any of these would make great gifts:

Lon Thornburg of No Limits to Learning:

Electric trains, slot car race tracks, Lite Brites and other electrical toys can be switch operated with a Powerlink 3 from Ablenet. Learn about the Powerlink and explore some links to fun electric toys in this post with holiday gift ideas.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Call for Submissions: Christmas Edition of AT Blog Carnival

"My Favorite Things" Christmas Edition of AT Blog Carnival
Send in a review, list or story relating to your favorite AT gadgets, gizmos, software, etc. Whether you are a teacher, user of AT , family member supporting someone that uses AT, a designer, etc. you are welcome to share your faves. I want the carnival to be up by the 15th so folks have time to read and enjoy it before Christmas rolls around - it might also give some shopping ideas.
I shared on my blog that I don't usually stand in the checkout at the grocery store and see magazines that say, "Top Ten Gifts for the Special Needs and Disabled on Your List This Year." For some reason, media doesn't think there are that many people that could use that information - or maybe they think it isn't big enough of a money maker.

I would like to get us thinking about what are really helpful and fun things that make life easier, make learning fun and entertaining and help us do things like access reading, writing, video gaming, even environmental access, cool remotes, etc. Also, because the economy has been slipping further down and the message is that folks are tightening belts for Christmas this year, maybe you have a cool inexpensive adaptation or low cost item that has a really great use that could be a low cost Christmas gift and yet very useful. Any submissions like that would be welcome too.

Deadline for submissions: Friday, December 12.

Post date: Monday, December 15.

All the best to you!