Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Clarification on Topic for Edition 2 of the AT Blog Carnival

A Clarification on the Topic for Edition #2 of the AT Blog Carnival Coming Monday, April 28, 2008
Call for Submissions...
Topic: "My favorite Post"

I have been asked to clarify the topic a little for everyone.
I apologize if I have been vague - I don't mean to be - I shouldn't assume everyone is on my wavelength!
Here is what I would like to ask you for when I say "My Favorite Post":
Do you have a past post on your blog - and I assume if you are interested in this carnival topic that you have written posts in the past on A.T. - that was a favorite post you wrote? Can you share the post link with us within a new post with a little about why you liked it? Was it because it inspired others, challenged thoughts on something, had really useful information, got a good discussion going, was your best writing to date?
I think we would all enjoy reading our best posts because we gain a better understanding of each other, our styles, get some great information and learn about writing by other's examples.
If you don't have a past post that is a favorite on A.T. - that's ok. Go ahead and share with us a post on a favorite aspect, device, topic, etc. on A.T. and remember, this isn't just for "experts". It is open to anyone with an interest in AT - even if you are just starting out.
I am trying to be a little more broad as we start out so we can get more generalized posts. Maybe I shouldn't be doing it that way. You tell me - it's our blog carnival - not just mine. If you have an idea that would make a great focus for a future edition, send it my way by a comment or email. If you are interested in hosting (I plan to see this carnival appear on your blogs as host more than here, down the road) let me know that too.
If something still seems unclear on this months edition, let me know. I took the blog carnival updatable widget off my No Limits to Learning Blog because it wasn't updating and showing a new edition - it was something I wasn't doing right on their site to post the new edition info. Once I get it right, I will try again.
I hope the unclarity doesn't stop folks from submitting. If you will be patient and give me input, we will get this project off the ground and going.
Thanks for caring enough to email, comment and share.
All the best to you!

If you would like to submit an entry, please submit by Friday, April 25, 2008. Please keep your submissions specific to assistive technology if you want them included.
Any level of user is welcome - this is not just for "experts". We are all in a constant state of learning!
Please submit your blog post link or links to: or on the actual Blog Carnival site at: